Our concept is LOHAS. We have tended ease and healing to the guests since we opened.

Healing place
There is some charcoal in the room and 10 tons of charcoal under the floor in the lounge. They make the air clean and get your body into shape through infrared rays. This lodge was built by virgin wood that gives off minus ion. You may feel like basking in the forest in La Mere.

Natural material
This lodge made by Cypress, Japanese cedar and Hiba from Aomori. The outer walls and near front door is made from Ross Stones that have been used for a long time on Hahajima. You can get more information about Ross Stones if you go to “Ross Museum”.

Our meals are very popular on Hahajima because they are healthy and delicious. For example, we use electrical water which activate the body for all meal. And we serve fresh fish that are caught by a fisherman who is the husband of this lodge's owner, organic or using a little agricultural chemicals with local vegetables, and some herbs from our garden.

Reuse of resources
We use rain water, and we reuse bathwater. Wrapping paper reused as chopsticks covers.

Reduce trash
We stopped using disposable wooden chopsticks. Leftover food is reused as fertilizer on Hahajima. We chose LCD TV and fluorescent light bulbs that use lower energy than usual ones.

Reduce environmental loading
We don't use detergent. We supply Aleppo soap, in the bathroom, which is made from Olive Oil. It is gentle on the skin and easy on the environment.

Careful selection of amenities
There are no amenities in the room and to reduce trash and energy use. We prepare toothbrushes, razors, and towels. If you need them we provide them for you

We welcome you with our best smile and your smile is a treasure for us.

What is LOHAS?
LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health And Sustainability.

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