【Flow of the reservation】

1.We inform confirmation of your reservation and deposit to your contact address.
2.Your reservation is established when you pay the deposit.
3.We sometimes ask you to call, send a fax, or send an email if your reservation date is close to date.

    Please input below the appropriate blanks and push the send button.(You must input ※ blanks)


    date of check-in and number of nights ※ days
    date of check-out ※
    number of people ※ adult(male, female) child
    *children rate is under 12 years old
    number of rooms ※ rooms
    name ※
    email ※
    telephone number ※
    mobile phone number
    postal code ※
    address ※
    more details(Please input your questions in this blank, for example ; about your pet, Syuyo-maru fishing etc...)

    Please check our cancellation policy
    ★I have read and accepted the above terms and conditions.